List #1 [or: Whatever it is, I am happy that it happened — not sad that it’s over. ]

  1. My first memory was actually a dream.
  2. When I am looking for something in the dark I open my eyes very wide and look out of them from the side.

List #2 [or: Whoever you are, I wish I were wherever you are. Or I wish that you were here. [And I wish I were more like you.]]

  1. Once, in Mexico, on a farm that was also on a landfill, I drank a cocktail made from cocoa, sugar, fresh cow’s milk, and rubbing alcohol. A tiny boy was drinking a 40oz. of beer. And an old man almost severed his hand off with a machete (for which the rubbing alcohol found a sudden second use).
  2. Nothing can replace the feeling of creation. Making something from nothing — “ex nihilo”. It seems the perfect way to spend a Sunday.    
  3. I once flirted with Sissy Spacek. Or, to be absolutely fair, she flirted with me.

List #3 [or: Parasitic Wasps.]

  1. Parasitic wasps (please ask me why).